Reasons You Should Use A Detective Agency

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Detective Agency in Mumbai

How many of you are fascinated by the word detective? How many of you feel that being a detective can be one of the coolest jobs ever? The answer to these questions must be most of the people. A detective is a person whose job is to investigate any wrongdoing and other crimes. The term detective has been made more famous by the iconic character of Sherlock Holmes, whose awe-inspiring comprehension of situation and ability to solve mysteries had everyone in their tenterhooks. Though detectives have come a long way into their methods of working, the basic idea of functioning remains the same.

As times have passed by, the general makeup of detectives has changed, not only in India but almost everywhere in the world where detective agencies have become very common...

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Best Detective Riddles to Blow Your Mind

August 3, 2018 Blog  2 comments

Detective agency in Delhi

Detectives have always been fascinating. The way they can look at the most minute of details that others fail to notice and make deductions out of nothing makes you scratch your head and think as to how you could miss it. Legendary detective character Sherlock Holmes is a household name and could be majorly attributed to making detective look cooler. It is a pretty quirky occupation, but the thrill and excitement associated with it is something that pulls people towards it. In general terms, a detective is a person whose job is to analyze and solve any crime, especially the ones which are debatable in nature. Though the employment of detectives for cases is a popular thing in the west, the trend has been catching up in countries like India as well.

There are many organizations spread acros...

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Do You Trust Your Partner?

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detective agency in delhi


Marriages are made in heaven but are materialized on earth. Before a marriage happens, there are a lot of things that are kept in mind before falling into the trap of matrimony. Nowadays, people have taken a degree in speaking lies and manipulating the opposite sex, that it has become impossible to remove their fake mask and see the true colors. It’s not just the problem of one place, but this is the problem all over India. People are hiring detective agency in Delhi not just to run a background check of the “would be” bride or groom’s family but for other things as well.

Technology plays a very important role as “spy” but some of the sharp-minded people hide their past life on social media very efficiently...

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June 13, 2018 Blog  2 comments

Detective agency in DelhiThe private detective market in India is developing at a rate of around 30 for every penny yearly and is relied upon to achieve Rs 1,700 crore by 2020. The private detectives in Delhi are on a serious go when it comes to solving financial frauds.Read More

Our Other Corporate Services

May 15, 2018 Blog  33 comments

detective agencies in delhi

We have already explained some of our corporate detective agency services like background checking, business disputes, employee cheating, corporate due diligence, financial background/asset search, IPR investigation, and property issue in our previous blog. This is just a second and the remaining part of the services. Here we will talk about the rest of the services such as insurance claims, missing people, mystery shopping, undercover operations, and worker compensation claims.

It is very important to keep one thing in mind that anything can go wrong anytime so it is better to be prepared than to bear whatever is thrown at us. Despite all the warnings and signs, sometimes it becomes very difficult for us to see what lies behind the closed doors...

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Growing Number of Detective Agencies In Delhi

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Detective agencies in delhiThe “trend” of hiring a private detective agency in Delhi is growing day by day. Earlier there was a time when parents used to fix the marriages of their children on the feedback given by the relatives. Now the scene is very much different.Read More


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Detective agency in DelhiAs the owner of a company, one must be very proficient in handling the company and employees. if one of the employee cheats you then you can go for investigations like employee cheating, background checking, corporate services and much more. hire the top detective agency to solve the problems.Read More

Why Mumbai Needs Private Detectives? Detective Agencies in Mumbai

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Detective agency in MumbaiTHE CITY OF DREAMS – yes! Mumbai is known, by this name. But what if the city of dreams turns into the city of nightmaresRead More


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detective agencyWith an alarming increase in office crime, the recruiters and stakeholders have no other option than to hire a detective agency.Read More


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Private detective agencyDetective Agencies are on a high ride” - Mr. Naman Jain There is a boom going on in the investigation agencies domain as there are people who are looking for these services for personal and corporate point of view. espionage, blackmailing, fraud employees etc. be it any part of the world, a bellow is seen.Read More