Pre-matrimonial Investigation & Background Check for Marriage

Marriage is all about trust and faith between two individuals or two families. That is why, we prefer to marry someone we know, or seek union with a family we are sure about. We know risks are great in cases where marriages are made between couples or families that dont know each other better.
We, at Sleuths India, understand the risks and dangers involved with marriages without familiarity between the parties involved. We are a leading pre matrimonial investigation and detective agency in India

offering a wide range of services to clients across strata of society.
We are an award-winning matrimonial detective agency conducting background checks for marrige that understands the emotions and faith associated with marriage. We help individuals and families get background check before marraige about someone they plan to enter into a union. 
We are among the most trusted pre marriage investigation company and detective agency for marriage in the country offering reliable investigation to clients from all walks of life. We have the largest team of investigators in the domain with professionals from years of experience in solving variety of pre-matrimonial cases.
Our team is approached by individuals, couples and families alike to get information or details about the concerned party before taking any decision in regard to marriage. Our pre matrimonial background verification for marriage is available for people looking for arrange marriage, divorce marriage, love marriage and special infidelity cases.
Further, our marriage detective agency is hired to investigate the detailed background of either the prospective grooms or bridge, or about a families or about siblings etc. We check everything about the would-be groom or bridge, or his/her family, so that our clients take the right decision when it comes to marriage.

From checking boy/girl's job, affair, medical history, litigation cases, disability, debt, education, drinking habits to family's social reputation, social standing, conduct etc.
Sleuths India investigators also verify every detail and information furnished so that our client could take right decision. We do a thorough pre-marital investigation, dig deep to find information and help people take fruitful decisions.

We offer pre-matrimonial investigation for -

+ Arranged Marriage Cases

India is a land of arranged marriages where families take the final call. In this, either parents decide or find the right match for their sons and daughters, or at least they are allowed the privilege for the same. Risks are not less in this kind of arrangement as well as most of the time both the involved parties often don’t know much about themselves. Sleuths India is a reputed pre-marriage investigation agency that provides all kind of checks on individuals or families to help make arranged marriages successful.

We are hired by parents or families or individuals seeking each and every detail about the party they are about to make a relationship with. We do conduct pre-marital checks for clients, provide them all the information they seek about the party to help with their arrange marriage decision. Our investigation is exhaustive, to-the-point and detailed so that all the details are extracted for clients.

+ Love Marriage Cases

A lot is there to be known in love marriage cases where two individuals have decided to tie the knot after finding themselves compatible. Surprisingly, even love-bound couples approach Sleuths India to get an investigation done on partners to become sure about the decision. They know the gap between falling in love and spending the rest of life with a right individual. They want the best of pre-marital inquiries on the partner to not rue the decision.

Similarly, parents too approach Sleuths India in cases where they find their progenies not ‘mature enough’ to take such a big call in life. Such guardians want us to get all details, particularly negatives about the prospect or their family. They want pre-marriage investigation so that their son or daughter can marry with a right individual.

+ Divorce Marriage Cases

Marrying a divorced individual or divorcee is fraught with certain risks. It’s tough to know whether someone’s past has been rosy or murky. Sleuths India is an expert of pre-marriage checks and we help clients get detailed about the person they are planning a re-marriage. In such cases, we do provider standard pre-marriage inquiries and also focus on the past life or the individual. You can consult us in case you plan to marry someone who’s divorced.

+ Special Infidelity Checks

Matrimonial ads or marriage portals are indeed very helpful in finding partners but they have some limitations. You have to rely on the information, facts and data provided by the party as beyond that, you don’t know much. You often don’t know the ‘past’ about the individual you are set to marry. Sleuths India is one of the best pre-marriage detectives that offer special infidelity checks so that you know the partner full.

Our special infidelity checks are the best way to know whether your partner is faithful or whether he/she has any ‘affair’. These checks are conducted to help clients know about the faithfulness of the individual they plan to marry. Our team conducts through investigation to find any signs of infidelity or the partner you plan to marry.

Hire Sleuths India, benefit from its expertise in pre-marital investigation and make the best decision for your marriage.