Sleuths India - Background Checking

Background checks are important to know about new people we often meet in our personal, private or business life. After all, we often don’t know them fully yet have to forge some kind of partnership or relationship with them. Such associations may be good and enriching in some cases but not necessarily rewardingat all times. That’s why, you need to be sure of these people, their past history and everything that matters to you.

Sleuths India is a renowned name in the space of background verification checks. The company has also been ranked among top 10 most promising background verification companies for 2017 by a leading magazine, SiliconIndia. The feat is quite big considering the huge circulation of the magazine among leading corporate bosses, MDs, CEOs and VCs.

Further, the agency has years of experience in carrying out background checks in variety of situations and cases. Our professional background check services are available for individual cases, matrimonial cases, business cases, debtor issues, pre-employment and post-employment checks. We can carry out such checks on anyone you need, or ask us to do. We help you know everything about any individual or entity you are not sure of.

Further, we can get you in-depth information about that very ‘someone’ so that you remain careful in forging any association or relationship.We have an experienced team of private detectives to carry out background checks and dig outvaluable set of information for clients. We can check all - from educational background, criminal records, medical history, business history (including turnover & profits), family history and past history.

For individual cases, we are hired when someone has doubts on their partner, or want to know more about an individual. We’re also hired in cases where a partner has lied about jobs, income, family etc. as we can go ahead and ‘find out’ all what matters to you. With our in-depth research and investigation, the truth reaches you in the specified time. We are hired to do background checks for matrimonial allianceswhere clients ask us to verify all information and details provided by the other party. We also check whether the prospective match is addicted to alcoholism or smoking, his/her family history, police cases and educational records.

In addition, we have an excellent track record of performing checks on employees and job applicants to help businesses with pre and post-employment verifications. We ensure that you hire the right manpower and correct people to keep the business flourishing in the desired manner. We enrich your company with an intelligent approach to screening so that any threat is tackled with ease.

We are also hired for solving debtor cases where organizations assign us tasks to be sure about parties before lending. We do check the credit history or credit worthiness of the party and also dig deep to find whether he/she has defaulted on payment in the past.

We also track people who borrowmoney, then defaulton the payment and hid away at some undisclosed locations. We can tracedown these defaulters and help organizations deal with bad debt cases. With us, you can be assured of knowing everything you want to about the borrower or someone who has already borrowed yet is/are escaping the payment.

Sleuths India has around two decades of experience in background check and our clients trust us a lot for our domain experience. If you want any kind of background checks done, contact us and get great results.