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Sleuths India is an award-winning private detective agency with a great track record in conducting corporate due diligence for clients from across industry verticals. We have resources and network to do a detailed verification, investigation, or audit of virtually every aspect of a company (or individual) for better decisions on joint venture, partnership, merger, acquisition and investments.

Our sleuths can always deliver amazing results with due diligence company– whether you want creditworthiness check of the company you plan to business partnership with or reputation check of the potential target, including their reputation among vendors, their payment schedule to vendors, and their salary schedule to employee and so on. You can also hire us for assessing employee sentiment about the target company and about its number of debtors and creditors.

With Sleuths India, you can investigate if the company has inflated its balance sheet, or tinkered with its profit & loss account to draw investors. We can also deliver you information on actual turnover vis-a-vis balance sheet, actual profit of the target company, about whether it has defaulted on payments or loads, whether its directors have any criminal cases.

More so, we can find out whether owners or promoters have ever defaulted, or where directors have any criminal cases against them. You can always trust us for getting information on the personal profile of the directors and assess their capacity to repay loans etc.

Types of corporate due diligence from Sleuths India

+ Joint Venture/Partnership Due Diligence

Our joint venture/partnership due diligence service can help a company when it’s planning a business partnership with another company or individual and want detailed information on the target’s financial, operational and managerial aspects.

+ Customer/Distributor Due Diligence

With our customer/distributor due diligence, you can get useful information on your customer your company delivers supply or raw material to. We can investigate your customer whom you have lent money and check their reputation in the market. We can also investigate whether the distributor you have made is supplying the product of a competitor.

+ Vendor Due Diligence

We do vendor due diligence for companies to seek information on vendors, quality of their raw materials, timely delivery of raw materials. We also check whether your advance is safe with the vendor or where vendor is involved in cheating or fraud with their client.

+ Individual Due Diligence

A company can avail our individual due diligence service when they enter into business alliance with any individual and want us to do an in-depth investigation on different aspects of the individual like their reputation in the market, financial health and so on.

+ Creditor Due Diligence

Creditor due diligence helps companies in cases where they plan to take a loan from an institution or syndicate and is asked about processing fee. Our due diligence focuses on the credit worthiness of the lender and its ability to give away loans of that magnitude.

+ Debtor Due Diligence

Our debtor due diligence can help a company know the repaying capacity and financial health of their customer. If a person has already defaulted on loan, we can then also check their financial background and asset. If a person has gone missing, we can also locate him for client.

Evidence-based investigation from Sleuths India
Sleuths India is the President award winning due diligence private detective agency with over two decades of industry experience and a track record of helping businesses with evidence-based and scientific customer due diligence services. We have the largest team of sleuths in industry and can do in-depth corporate investigation for any type of business from across industry verticals.

We have a strong network across India with former officers from the Army, Police, Intelligence Bureau, Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) guiding the operations, and deliver amazing results through a solid network with high-tech offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, Lucknow & Chandigarh. We also take pride in its membership to APDI, WAD, ASSOCHAM, PHD Chambers of Commerce, CII (Confederation of Indian industry), NASSCOM, DMA (Delhi Management Association).

So, if you want corporate due diligence investigation on any scale, hire Sleuths India and get the best of results, always!

Detective Agencies in Delhi
Detective Agency in Delhi
Detective Agencies in Bangalore
Detective Agencies in Bangalore
Detective Agencies in Delhi
Detective Agency in Delhi
Detective Agency in Delhi
  • Detective Agency in Delhi
  • Detective Agencies in Delhi