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Corporate espionage is on the rise in India as the level of competition is intensifying in the industry by the day. Big companies today don’t mind paying whatever it takes to get an edge over their competitors. And don’t forget, competitors alone are not the only risk to your business as sometimes employees and business partners can prove equally harmful. As an award-winning private Corporate Investigation detective agency, Sleuths India understands why top companies need corporate espionage to keep their interests secure and

continue their growth story. Over the years, we have been hired by some of top business houses from across industry verticals to do espionage for them for getting vital information and intelligence on competitors, their employees and partners. Your company can trust us for a whole array of espionage services including, for investigating your competitor’s next moves & plans; checking your own employee-related fraud cases; helping you in trade union cases and also in business disputes cases; running due diligence on anyone you like; uncovering any blackmailing attempt against you or your business; skip tracing any person; recovery money from debtors; debugging your office or home, counterfeit investigation; background checking; and fire or arson investigation Thanks to our vast pan-India network and our use of the latest technology and equipment, our sleuths can successfully handle cases of corporate espionage on any scale and deliver great results to clients. With our expert Corporate business investigation detectives, you are always sure of desired results for espionage of any type.

Types of Corporate Espionage Services From Sleuths India

+ Competitive Intelligence

Top business houses routinely hire us to get vital information and intelligence on their competitors to make informed decisions and get an edge in the market. We do investigate everything that comes under legal and ethical limits and make sure our efforts pay rich dividends to our clients. Our teams can find out everything about your competitor, including their business plans, next moves, sales strategy, compensation to employees, their main employees, salary to their top employees, their future moves and vendors from where they procure raw materials or customers where they sell their product, and so on.

+ Employee-Related Fraud

We’re a top corporate intelligence detective agency with expertise at uncovering any type of employee-related fraud for business houses. Our services are regularly hired for investigation into a variety of fraud cases committed by employees, such as cases where employee take commission from vendors, or involved in any kind of bribery, or passing on information to competitors, or masterminding theft and pilferage of material and data, or doing misappropriation of funds & office resources, or claiming extra money from company which they did not spend, or are running a parallel business or job, and so on.

For more information on employee-related fraud, click below on the following link:-
Cheating Employee Investigation

+ Employee/ Labour/ Trade Union Cases

Many companies hire us for investigation into employee or labour or union cases to restore sanity and productivity of their operations. Our team can investigate these trade unions and find out their next moves so that our clients can mitigate their risks in a timely manner. We can check who’s instigating these labour unions to exploit companies to meet their demands, or why they go on strike with undue demand, or who among them are blackmailing the management, spoiling the product or hampering the overall productivity of the business. We can also check whether some of these union leaders are into some malpractices.

+ Business Disputes

Our expertise is availed in business dispute cases where clients expect us to dig customized vital information which often helps them resolve the dispute. Whether business dispute is with partners, customers, vendors or any third party or competitors, between the directors, or between the partners of the company, we can always help you with right information so that you can take the best decision possible.

For more information on business disputes, click below on the following link:
Business Dispute Investigation

+ Corporate Blackmailing

Blackmailing can come from various sources to either harass a business leader or to obstruct its growth and success. Whether blackmailing is done by an RTI activist, /NGOs, your present/ex-employees, any other third party, competitor/s, customer/s, vendor/s, stake holder/s, we can easily find out who is doing it and dig out vital information about them. You can trust us to find out who is financing the black mailer, what are their contacts, their political contacts & contacts in bureaucracy, what are their family compositions and so on. Based on our investigation and evidence, clients can easily manage, control and thwart risks of blackmailing and also take appropriate legal action against them.

For more information on blackmailing, click below on the following link:
Corporate Blackmailing Investigation

+ Due Diligence

Some of topmost companies and business houses from across industries hire our corporate due diligence service to make better decisions with their joint ventures, merger & acquisition, and investments. They avail our services for many reasons, including from creditworthiness check of any company to reputation check, from information on employee sentiment or on its number of debtors & creditors, distributor, vendor, creditor, actual turnover vis-a-vis balance sheet, profit of the company, payment defaults, criminal cases on directors or promoters, loan repaying capacity of top brass and so on.

For more information on our corporate due diligence, click below on the following link:
Corporate Due Diligence Service

+ Recovery of Money/ Assets Tracing/ Financial Background Check

A lot of big companies have hired our services for information and evidence in regard to recovering money from their debtors. In such cases, we can gather & provide information about the asset of the debtor, can trace if they are absconding, can tell you about their financial assets and its location so that you can take help of the law enforcement to get them attached. Our team can help with recovery from any party, like customers, tenants, business partners etc.

For more information on recovery of money, click below on the following link:
Assets Tracing/ Financial Background

+ Skip Tracing / Missing Person

We have an excellent record with skip tracing as clients from across industries avail our services to find out the whereabouts of someone gone missing. Corporate houses have hired us to locate a person who has fled after taking money, or their employee has fled the country after committing some financial crime. Our team can help locate anyone you want to trace such as debtors, vendors, or anyone whose absence is affecting your business. We can locate the person in India as well as outside.

For more information on skip tracing, click below on the following link
Skiptracing / Missing Person Service

+ Liaison Services

We have an in-house legal team and our network is vast spread across India which helps us deliver liaison services to clients. Whether any corporate house wants to resolve its dispute or a company wants to any of its work done - anything related to government department and private sector and that is within the legal limit – we can always help.

+ Debugging

Many corporate clients face threats and risks bugging from either their competitor, authority or anyone. They feel someone is secretly keeping a watch over them, observing their movements, recording their conversations, hiding camera in office or at home for dubious gains. We can help in such cases and our debugging and sweeping services deliver amazing results thanks to the use of the most sophisticated equipment and tools.

For more information on debugging, click below on the following link
Debugging and Sweeping Services

+ Background Checking

Our background checking services have always been in great demand among corporate houses as we have a solid pan-India network with the largest team of investigators in the industry. So, we can easily do background of various types including pre-employment check, post employment check, vendor check, customer check, distributor check or background check of any Individual concerned and so on. Your company can trust our expertise in doing background check on any you have business alliance or plan to do the same in future.

For more information on background check, click below on the following link:
Background Checking Services

+ Counterfeit Investigation

Corporate houses regularly hire us for counterfeit investigation in cases where a big syndicate or group is harming their business interests through sham and fake products. Our team can investigate if fake goods are produced, their manufacturer, stocking and manufacturing facility, and also identify the complete chain behind the fraud. Based on our investigation and evidence, clients can take help of the authority to raid the premises and bring the culprit to book.

For more information on counterfeit investigation, click below on the following link:
Counterfeit/ IPR Investigation

+ Fire/Sabotage/Accident Investigation

Our sleuths are always in huge demand in the corporate world for their great work with cases of fire/sabotage/accident. If your business has faced big losses due to fire, sabotage or accident and you doubt someone is behind the scene, hire us for a detailed investigation. We can find out who has actually caused the accident, the reason behind the fire or accident, or who are involved behind that and so on.

For more information on fire/sabotage/accident, click below on the following link:
Accident/ Sabotage Investigation

+ Labour Court Matters / Worker’s Compensation Claims

Sleuths India is a top choice for companies looking for in-depth investigation into worker’s compensation claims and labour court matters. We have helped many clients in cases where their ex-employees have suddenly filed appeal in labour courts seeking compensations or demanding back wages, arrears etc. on the basis of their unemployment. In such cases, we can check if the claimant is actually employed somewhere or he/she has been working and getting paid for during the period they are seeking compensation for. Based on our solid evidence, our clients can easily pinch hole in their claims.

For more information on labour court matters or worker’s compensation claims services, click below on the following link:
Worker’s Compensation Claims

+ Mystery Shopping

We have a great expertise at mystery shopping services with clients from banking sector, retail industry, big hotel chains, shopping malls, showrooms etc. They routinely hire us for checking on various things, like how customers are treated at their stores or branches, whether their employees are following the standard rules & procedures, whether sales standards being followed (invoices given for every purchase or not), whether customers are treated fairly, how much the waiting time is for customers, are executives handling customers with smile, whether safety and hygiene protocols are followed, and so on. Our sleuths visit these places matching customer profile, conduct audit of the locations and submit a detailed report and most meaningful insights to the client.

For more information on mystery shopping services, click below on the following link:
Mystery Shopping

Evidence-based investigation from Sleuths India
Sleuths India is your best partner for corporate espionage as we’re a President Award winning private detective agency with over two decades of industry experience and a knack for evidence-based investigation. We have a strong network across India with former officers from the Army, Police, Intelligence Bureau, Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) guiding the operations.

Our team can always deliver excellent results for industrial espionage cases through a solid network with high-tech offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chandigarh & Lucknow. We also take pride in its membership to APDI, WAD, ASSOCHAM, PHD Chambers of Commerce, CII (Confederation of Indian industry), NASSCOM, DMA (Delhi Management Association).

So, if you want corporate espionage on any scale, hire Sleuths India and get the best of results, always!

Detective Agencies in Delhi
Detective Agency in Delhi
Detective Agencies in Bangalore
Detective Agencies in Bangalore
Detective Agencies in Delhi
Detective Agency in Delhi
Detective Agency in Delhi
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  • Detective Agencies in Delhi