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Child Monitoring / Drug Abuse

Most parents worry so much about the safety of their children that they wish they could secretly monitor their every step. While drug abuse is their biggest concern, there are other similar issues that make them anxious a lot, including alcoholism, gambling, betting, stealing, shop lifting, smoking, womanizing, opposite sex relationship, petty theft, rash driving or any other bad or illegal activity.

As an award-winning agency, Sleuths India is not only aware of the risks such issues can pose but also assists parents in all cases with scientific investigation. We also have an expertise at conducting a 100% discrete investigation into drug abuse or child monitoring cases without ever leaking the secret, and all the investigation we do is always confidential for our clients.

Types of Drug Abuse & Child Monitoring Services By Sleuths India

+ Behavior And Attitude Change Check

We can investigate into change of attitude and behavior of kids in cases where they have started locking themselves into room, showing less interest in studies, not taking meals regularly, waking up at odd hours, showing unusual laziness, throwing temper tantrums, and staying outside home for longer duration and so on. In such cases, we can investigate whether they are falling prey to wrong things and if yes, then we dig deep to find out everything in detail.

+ Theft, Stealing, Shop Lifting

We can investigate whether children are into bad activities like theft, stealing, shop lifting etc, or whether into any type of illegal activity. In such cases, we can run a complete background check on the person or friends their child spends most of their time and come up with evidence.

+ Womanizing / Opposite Sex Relations

We regularly get cases where parents want to check whether their child is into womanizing or having a relationship with the opposite sex. These checks become necessary when the child has developed bad timing for coming and going out of home, or is going out for party/ night out.

+ Gambling/Betting/Racketeering/Cultism/Gangism

We can investigate if your child is into bad or illegal habits of gambling, betting or racketing or if he has joined some gang. Our team can also help where parent suspect their child has joined some cult.

+ Party Night Out/festival Night out Investigation

We also handle cases where kids are into regular late-night parties, festival night outs, wedding night outs, stopping over at friend’s place for study ( females often do this) and cases where phone is switched off on such night outs. In such matters, so we do a complete background check of the family and give evidence to parents.

+ Hostel Life Investigation

Parents whose children are studying outside for medical, engineering, management courses etc. and staying in hostel also want us to check whether they children are taking studies seriously, keeping a good company, focusing on the right things, staying away from illegal things, staying away from smoking, drinking & drugs and so on. We can investigate their group or company, check on bad habits etc.

+ Child’s Company/Group Investigation

Parents can also hire us to do a detailed check on the company or group their child keeps and get right information about the people/ friends they child is spending most of their time. We can dig deep to check on each and every friend and their family and provide good information to parents.

+ Regular Investigation

Even if you don’t have any suspicion, you can still get investigation done on your child to find out if they are doing things correctly or not. Many parents hire us for regular check as they don’t have any suspicion in general but want to play it safe by having information of the schedule, habits and activities of their child. Parents can also hire us to monitor their child irrespective of whether they have direct supervision or not, and and get information on many aspects including, how they conduct their life outside the house, who they meet daily and socialize with, who they party with, whether their kids are attending classes, staying away from drugs and focusing on study.

+ Drug Abuse/Substance Abuse Check

We investigate the type of drugs the child is taking (whether cocaine, crack cocaine, opium, LSD, dope, pot, herb, meth, crystal meth, marijuana, tobacco, alcohol etc.) and the extent of the drug abuse. The team digs out about the company the child keeps, from where they purchase drugs, who is arranging funds and so on. After that, a complete background check of the people they sit for drug abuse is done. More so, complete counseling is also provided in such cases so that parents can understand whether to put the child in rehabilitation center or seek medical help.

Scientific Investigation from Sleuths India
Sleuths India is the President Award winning detective agency with a proven record in cases of drug abuse and child monitoring. We have always delivered amazing results in such cases thanks to our robust network with high-tech offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chandigarh & Lucknow

What’s more, our team is guided by former officers from the Army, Police, Intelligence Bureau, Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) while enjoy great trust due to an active membership to APDI, WAD, ASSOCHAM, PHD Chambers of Commerce, CII (Confederation of Indian industry), NASSCOM, DMA (Delhi Management Association).

So, if you want investigation into drug abuse and child monitoring cases, hire Sleuths India and get the best of results, always!

Detective Agencies in Delhi
Detective Agency in Delhi
Detective Agencies in Bangalore
Detective Agencies in Bangalore
Detective Agencies in Delhi
Detective Agency in Delhi
Detective Agency in Delhi
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  • Detective Agencies in Delhi