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Insurance firms in India often lose a substantial amount of their revenues to frauds. In fact, the industry has to suffer huge losses almost every year due to fraudulent claims. From false documents to bogus death certificates, from inconsistencies in personal insurance claims to dubious-looking motor insurance claims, cheating can come in many forms to bother companies in this sector.

Sleuths India is an award-winning private detective agency with a great record at handling deceitful insurance claims and delivering success to clients in the insurance claim investigation industry. As we have the largest team of investigators in India, supported by a vast network, we know how to uncover frauds of different types that cost insurance agencies dearly.

Our specialized team can solve false claims with evidence thanks to the use of the latest technologies, spy camera, equipment and gadget. Plus, we have successfully solved cases from Life Insurance, Motor Insurance, Health Insurance, Fire Insurance, Property Insurance, and Travel Insurance, so on. We take up only high value cases for insurance firms that involve big insurance claims.

At Sleuths India, our track record in solving bogus claim cases is exceptional and that’s why we’re the most trusted player in the industry!

Types of Insurance Claims Investigation from Sleuths India

+ Life Insurance Claims

In life insurance claims, we do investigation on whether a person’s death has happened due to natural or unnatural cause. Our team can check if the death is beyond the insurance claim like when the insured has died from a disease not covered by the insurance company or when he/she has done suicide but the family is passing it off as natural death to claim money. Similarly, we can also gather information in cases where a person commits suicide in a way as if it appears accident so that the family can claim insurance money.

+ Fire / Arson / Incident Insurance Claims

In many cases, fire is deliberately set to stocks (goods or raw materials) to gain insurance claims and it’s never easy to bring truth in such cases. Sometimes loss of stock due to fire or arson is claimed way more that their actual worth so insurance firms can hire us to expose the fraud.

+ Disability Insurance Claims

Insurance firms hire our services to do disability check on people who claim disability but actually roam free and then claim in court that they are disabled. In such cases, we can presence video evidence as well to help our clients.

+ Health Insurance Claims

In health insurance claims, we can check if the person is actually ill, or whether he’s conniving with the doctor or hospital to get insurance money. Our team can investigate if a disease is pre-existing in the claimant and whether his insurance claims are genuine. Companies also hire us to investigate if someone is showing a different disease for claiming money but actually he’s has different disease altogether.

+ Motor / Vehicle Insurance Claims

We have a specialized team to do in-depth investigation into bogus motor or vehicle insurance claims for our clients. Our team gathers audio and video evidence to crack cases where claimants deliberately got their motor/vehicle stolen or set them ablaze for insurance claims.

+ Property Insurance Claims

In many cases, claimants often damage their properties or stock on own to gain insurance money and this causes huge monetary losses to insurance companies. We use the latest technology to gather forensic evidence into such property claims and solve cases with excellent results.

+ Death Verification Insurance Claims

Insurance firms often come up to us to investigate dubious death claims where big money is involved. They trust us to find out of the death has actually happened, or if the person is missing or hiding and their family is claiming the money. Our team can also locate or trace that person if cases where it’s needed.

+ Travel Insurance Claims

Insurance industry faces many travel insurance claims where claimants show some kind of loss to their belongings in view to get money. There are various other travel-related claims in which people try to dupe insurance agencies and we can help in most.

Evidence-Based Investigation From Sleuths India Sleuths India is a President Award winning private detective agency with a huge reputation in solving fraudulent insurance claims. We have some of top clients from the insurance industry who trust our team that has former officers from the Army, Police, Intelligence Bureau, and Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) at the core of the operations.

While we can deliver amazing results through a robust network with high-tech offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chandigarh & Lucknow we also take pride in our membership to APDI, WAD, ASSOCHAM, PHD Chambers of Commerce, CII (Confederation of Indian industry), NASSCOM, DMA (Delhi Management Association).

So, hire Sleuths India for best results with those fraud cases that are causing huge losses to your insurance agency!

Detective Agencies in Delhi
Detective Agency in Delhi
Detective Agencies in Bangalore
Detective Agencies in Bangalore
Detective Agencies in Delhi
Detective Agency in Delhi
Detective Agency in Delhi
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  • Detective Agencies in Delhi