Debugging / Electronic Sweeping

Do you suspect your office has been comprised? Does your business not feel right? You sometimes doubt of being ‘watched’ secretly? Or, more still, you feel a potential victim of corporate espionage? 
Yes, bugs (or electronic eavesdropping devices) can be used to harm you personally, professionally or financially. These small devices can be kept hidden in any room, container or any other ‘suitable’ place in either your home or office.
Further, even video or audio can be recorded or captured, or transmitted live for dubious gains. Such bugs, if not detected timely, can truly be devastating for your prospects in the world.
Clearly, you are at greater risks today than ever before as eavesdropping devices or bugs have become more sophisticated and smaller. The worst of it all, they are less expensive and easier to hide. All of this can create a lot of problems by posing security risks and by taking away your peace of mind.  
So, if you ever feel like being comprised or watched over, you should immediately hire an expert and ease the worries. After all, only right people, modern equipment and robust methodology can help detect these devices and help you live peacefully again.

Sleuths India is a premier private detective agency with an enviable track record in proving debugging or electronic sweeping services to clients across industry verticals. We have a well-equipped and experienced technical team that knows how to detect those bugs and sweep the office or home free of any risks.



Our technical team is capable of detecting and disabling every possible device that can harm or jeopardize your personal or business security. When hired, the team reaches the spot and first, conducts a detailed examination of the location to find out the suspected treat. It then detects the presence of technical surveillance devices and hazards.

Further, our team spots and identifies any technical security weaknesses that may enable unlawful or illegal penetration of the premises, or office or home or facility. Moving ahead, the team provides a professional evaluation of the existing technical security position detailing risks elements involved.


Types of Examination

During the actual sweep, out team will visit the concerned location and perform a comprehensive inspective to establish the presence and location of any bugs. The team does visual, physical and electronic inspection to spot any risks or threats to the security.   

Our team does Visual Inspection in which it looks for hidden bugs or eavesdropping devices at usual suspect places in your home or office space. The team is aware of those spots or places where these devices are generally kept and thus, does the job with great success and alacrity. 

During Physical Inspection, the entire space is examined and inspected in a thorough manner to find bugs such as camera systems, recording devices, microphones, and transmitters etc. The team examines every aspect, including furniture, ceilings, outlet covers and other locations where bugs are generally hidden.      

The team uses a variety of sophisticated equipment and gadgets to do Electronic Inspection to identify and locate any hostile signals or other signs from bugs that may be planted somewhere in the space. We also survey all the wires and cables there to find any intrusion of some intercept or wiretapping devices intended to cause varying levels of harms to you.  

We also do Radio Frequency Examinationswith the aim to identify and find all receivable transmissions and also to determine the presence of any unauthorized transmitters planted in the space. Any presence of Radio Emanations is located identified and de-activated.

We also do Thermo graphic Inspections using the latest Thermal Imaging Technology to detect any illicit eavesdropping device. The equipment helps the team in detecting any nature or scale of thermal heat emitting from devices.

Post debugging, the team provides clients with a detailed report containing results of the examination and any recommendations in regard to enhancing technical security of the home or office space.

In overall, Trust Sleuths India and its technical team to keep any security threat out of the way!


Major Equipment Used for Debugging

Sleuths India uses some of most sophisticated equipment and high-tech gadgets for debugging and sweeping used nowhere else in the industry. That’s why, we are able to deliver excellent results to clients and keep them safe and secure.

Some of major equipmentused during the Sweep includes-:
1.    Radio Frequency Tracer
2.    Radio Frequency Counter
3.    Multi-Function Frequency Counter
4.    Radio Frequency Handy Counter
5.    Digital Scout
6.    Digital CUB
7.    Radio Frequency Detector
8.    Mini Counter with Digital Filter & Auto Capture
9.    Wide Band Communication Receiver
10.   Hidden Camera Detector using Infrared
11.  Spectrum Analyzers
12.  Wired Video Detector
13.  Wireless Camera Finder
14.   Gauss Meter for EMF Detection
15.  Non Linear Junction Detectors
16.  Mobile Phone Jammer
17.   Video Jammer
18.  VOX Detector for Telephone Line Analysis
19.  Wired TAP Detector for Telephone Line Analysis
20.   Optical Fiber Scope
21.  Thermal Camera
22.  Specialized TSCM Software’s