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Executive Protection and Armed Personal Security Officers

High-profile people in any society are always at a higher risk for several reasons. Since they are popular, have more visibility in the public eye and possess more money & resources, some form of potential threats to their lives will obviously be there.

Another reason is such persons sometimes also become a target due to their elevated positon, their job responsibilities, ideologies or the kind of work they do. And in most cases, prominent people are targeted purely out of monetary motives.

And since life is a precious gift and every individual deserves to live a risk-free life, we at Sleuths India not only value the importance of life but is also professionally dedicated to safeguarding the safety of societys prominent individuals.

As a leading private detective agency in India, we know how people in high positions or those with high net-worth or those enjoying high-profile status in society face more scrutiny and therefore have more risks to their lives.

Be it a politician, bureaucrat, CEO, celebrity, wealthy businessman or a famous personality, we know their lives are neither easy nor risk-free. And sometimes the dangers are so blatantly obviously that they need some kind of protection, either overt or covert to life care-free.

That’s why, with Sleuths India, you can always avail Executive Protection (EP) services or armed personal security officers to not only negate those threat issues but also conduct your life activities without hassles.

What is Executive Protection Plan?
An executive protection plan is a set of strategies and measures that are designed and adopted to guardhigh-profile persons or important individuals from potential risks. The purpose of such a plan is to tackle any overt or cover threats that may compromise the safety and security of high-level executives or VIPs. While the focus of an executive protection plan is to ensure physical protection through the use of security personnel, its ambit goes beyond that and also includes various security measures such as risks analysis, background checks and threat assessments.

Who Needs an Executive Protection Plan?
This type of protection services is suited for clients who wish to have a mobile and inner layer of security measures for themselves or for their family members. By using our protection services, clients can carry out their normal routines with zero disruption or risk to their lives.

Types of Cases Where Sleuths India Offers Executive Protection Plan

Covert Protection
Sleuths India offers covert protective plan for individuals who want security and protection in a covert manner. This type of protection is suitable when a client wants to be protected yet does not want a security agent close by to hamper their usual way of life. The purpose of offering covert protection is to deploy a security agent or a security team close enough to swiftly respond to risks, yet stay far enough to be noticed by others.

Close Protection
This type of protection is suited for individuals who wish to have a 24x7 safety measures to negate any form of risks to their or their family’s lives. In this type of protection, close protection is ensured for the client at every step of the way, be it at home, during travel, or in work hours or on vacation.

Corporate Security
Some big businesses may also wish to protect their executives and CEO to safeguard shareholder interests. In such cases, Sleuths India can work closely with those corporate houses in developing and implementing security measures aimed at protecting their executives and board members.

Security during Movement
Sleuths India realizes that prominent persons are most vulnerable to threats during movement from one place to another. To mitigate such risks, we provide armed or unarmed security drivers with expertise in protective driving and knowledge of routes within a specific city.

Why Sleuths India for Executive Protection Plan?
We are the most respected private investigation agency in the country with the largest team of sleuths in the industry and also with the reputation of the highest solved cases by a detective agency. We have a super-efficient team with expertise in solving cases of any complexity and ensuring the best possible investigation solutions for clients.

  • We do evidence-based investigation by relying on the latest technologies, tools and gadgets.
  • Our team is ultra-professional and relies only on the use of science and technology for investigation.
  • We have a strong network across India with former officers from the Army, Police, Intelligence Bureau, Research & Analysis Wing (RAW).
  • We have active Membership to APDI, WAD, ASSOCHAM, PHD Chambers of Commerce, CII (Confederation of Indian industry), NASSCOM, DMA (Delhi Management Association).
  • We have high-tech offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chandigarh and Lucknow with latest spy gadgets, spy cameras and investigation equipment.

If you think you have a risk to your life and maybe you need an overt or covert protection, hire Sleuths India and get the best of results, always!

Detective Agencies in Delhi
Detective Agency in Delhi
Detective Agencies in Bangalore
Detective Agencies in Bangalore
Detective Agencies in Delhi
Detective Agency in Delhi
Detective Agency in Delhi
Detective Agency in Delhi
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Private Detective Agencies Delhi
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