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Private Detective Agency in Bangalore

Sleuths India is an award-winning and highly acclaimed Private Detective Agency in Delhi and known for a strong pan-India presence and trusted for as a Detective agencies in Delhi, Private detective in Delhi, Detective agency in Delhi over 18 years of domain experience. Synonymous with unmatched investigative solutions, it is rated the most valued organization in the private investigative field for its impeccable track record and robust national network. Known for maintaining sustained excellence in the field of private investigation, the company has successful been serving to all, private, public and government sectors, with great aplomb and great efficiency.               Read more...

  Insurance Claims  
  With the advent of technology and advancement in education, the people today have become intelligent and clever but many amongst them are using their intelligence in a wrong way, so as to extract monetary gains through wrong means.  
  Infidelity / Extra Marital Affairs  
  Finding out the exact truth about your relationship is far better than living with an uncertainty. When you know things are not going right in your relationship, when you find certain things  
  Forensic Services  
  We are a leading private investigation agency offering reliable and proven forensic services to clients in personal space and corporate world alike. We are hired for expertize in forensic investigation as our ...  
  Debugging Services  
  Do you suspect your office has been comprised? Does your business not feel right? You sometimes doubt of being ‘watched’ secretly? Or, more still, you feel a potential victim of corporate espionage?...  
  Child Monitoring / Drug Abuse  
  Drug Abuse or addiction can be explained as a Habitual use of drugs by an individual, to change and alter one's mood, state of consciousness and emotions.  
  Sting Operations  
  Sting operations help in discovering the truth and also catching a criminal red handed. Sting operations are one such type of service rendered by our organization.  
Detective Agencies in Delhi
Detective Agency in Delhi
Detective Agencies in Bangalore
Detective Agencies in Bangalore
Detective Agencies in Delhi
Detective Agency in Delhi
Detective Agency in Delhi
  • Detective Agency in Delhi
  • Detective Agencies in Delhi