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Sleuths India is an award-winning and highly acclaimed Private Detective Agency in Delhi and known for a strong pan-India presence and trusted for as a Detective agencies in Delhi, Private detective in Delhi, Detective agency in Delhi over 18 years of domain experience. Synonymous with unmatched investigative solutions, it is rated the most valued organization in the private investigative field for its impeccable track record and robust national network. Known for maintaining sustained excellence in the field of private investigation, the company has successful been serving to all, private, public and government sectors, with great aplomb and great efficiency.               Read more...

  Skiptracing / Missing People  
  Skip tracing refers to the process of locating the whereabouts of an individual by collecting ample amount of information about the subject by analysing and verifying the entire information and then initiating for further action.  
  Corporate Intelligence  
  There may be times when your competitor's mergers, moves, plans, takeovers and the territories need to be effectively scanned, so that you may not find yourself and your organizations interests in danger.
  Corporate Due Diligence  
  While taking the most important decisions for life as well as your business, it's necessary that you know the detailed information about every aspect and this is where due diligence investigation helps.  
  Blackmailing Investigation  
  Is someone blackmailing you with an intention to harm your personal or professional reputation? Or, someone threatening to reveal your company’s confidential information? Has an ex-employee of your company taken away some...  
  Suicide / Murder Investigation  
  Life is a gift of god -- so precious a gift that nobody is allowed to take theirs, let alone others.  
  Accident / Incident / Sabotage Investigation  
  Not all accidents are alike. While some may be natural or random, there can be instances where an accident is deliberate to harm you in one way or another.  
Detective Agencies in Delhi
Detective Agency in Delhi
Detective Agencies in Bangalore
Detective Agencies in Bangalore
Detective Agencies in Delhi
Detective Agency in Delhi
Detective Agency in Delhi
  • Detective Agency in Delhi
  • Detective Agencies in Delhi